Light, Camera, Action.

Because I come from a narrative filmmaking background I am used to sets and a crew while I am behind a camera. That was something that I missed when I transitioned over to photography. This is why I love outdoor light painting! It’s almost like the mixture between the two worlds. In outdoor light, painting can have many different moving parts and the result can be absolutely stunning outdoor light paintings. Here are some of the outdoor light paintings I have done recently!

Light Painting Old Cars in Tetonia, Idaho

While I was out in Tetonia, Idaho with some friends we found this wonderful old car on a lot in the middle of town. their beautiful textures made great subject matter for some stunning outdoor light paintings

Taylor Ogaard Stunning outdoor light painting light trails truck

This old truck was rusty but also had some remnants of this beautifully glossy paint. This paint reflected my flashlight and made some really cool light trails.

Taylor Ogaard Stunning outdoor light painting red truck

This was a classic-looking truck hidden in some tall grass. Using a warmer light really brought out the colors and the rust.

Light Painting a Bridge over the Buffalo River

Out in Island Park, Idaho there is this gorgeous old bridge that goes over the Buffalo River. There were beautiful clouds that day and the blue hour is a great time for light painting old buildings so I couldn’t resist the opportunity for another stunning outdoor light painting of the buffalo river.

Taylor Ogaard Stunning outdoor light painting Buffalo river

Light trials nera Rexburg, Idaho

Travel isn’t really necessary to make stunning outdoor light paintings if you have a Godox LED wand and some friends. Here are some cool light trail light paintings I took just outside of my town.

Taylor Ogaard Stunning outdoor light painting light trails

If you wanna try Light painting for your self check out this tutorial!