Fine Art Photograhy: A True Pleasure

Incredible fine art photography happens when a photographer finally gets the chance to be a true artist. In my experience, so much of my work as a photographer is spent on making things for other people. Sometimes I am taking landscape photos to sell as prints, or sometimes I take architecture photos for real estate. Portraits, weddings, family photos, and food and product photography: these are all things that photographers do for others to earn money. we enjoy it don’t get me wrong, but fine art photography is where we get to create something for ourselves. This is where skill meets passion and this is where a photographer gets to feel free and liberated as an artist, bound by nothing but our own imagination.

Fine Art Photography: A Challenge

Not only are frine art projects freeing, but they are also challenging. Fine art pieces should take hours of planning and preparation and also the instinct to change directions on a shoot and let your creativity take control. Sometimes however a perfect moment presents its self and a photographer must be ready. As a photographer, I am always willing to adapt if it means getting the perfect shot. It’s almost like it’s all an oxymoron, Be prepared and plan carefully, but be ready at the drop of a hat to capture something beautiful.

It is the combination of these different aspects that go into making really great fine art pieces. Lucky enough for me I have lots of photographer friends who like to get together and share ideas. One of my friends wanted to set up a fashion shoot at The Venue in Rigby Idaho. After a couple of weeks of planning and many hours of setting up lights and arranging for models, we had a pretty great turnout.

The Percfect Shot

When we got to The Venue there was a model that caught my eye right off the bat. One of our makeup artists had done a beautiful job at painting a model in Dia de Los Muertos makeup. As soon as I saw that I knew I had to spend all the time I could get with that model.

When it was finally my turn to shoot this girl I decided I really wanted to use RGB lights. She had this beautiful flowing skirt and white blouse and white flours and I wanted to throw a red and a blue light on her sides. I got several shots of her that I really liked but right before my time with this model ran out I asked her to pose and hold her skirt up to the side. I had a friend hold a red light behind her skirt. I had about 20 seconds to take the photo but I was able to capture one of my favorite photos to date. Here is my incredible fine art photography photo.

Incredible fine art photography photo uneddited

Final Fine Art Photo

I wanted to increase some of the colors brighten up the image a bit and sharpen some of the details so I brought this into photoshop and Viola!

Incredible fine art photography photo editted

Fine Art Print

I Sent this photo to print but haven’t gotten it back from the print shop yet, but here is a mock-up of my fine art print. Special thanks to Flower psd created by jcomp – for the free mock-up!

Incredible fine art photography photo mock-up
Incredible fine art photography

For tips on how to make your own Incredible fine art photography head over to this great blog!